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Essential Guide to Structured Cabling

The start of computers entering our lives was rudimentary. For the most part, they were designed without any foresight. The expectation was to use the system without the need for expansion or [...]

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5 Qualities of a Great Structured Cabling System

How a network or data center is designed is evolving as new technology emerges. The construction isn't the only thing shifting. The role of the network within a company is morphing as well. Data [...]

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How to Craft an Artificial Intelligence Security Strategy for your Business or Event

Technological advances in the past decade have skyrocketed the powerful capabilities of physical security systems. As these milestones continue it’s critical to update your business’s security [...]

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Mitigating Your Business Security Risks with A.I.

With security risks ranging in all levels of severity, we think implementing a security system that can maintain it all is the most efficient way to protect your business. You are able to mitigate [...]

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How You Can Use Rapid Deployment Mobile A.I. for Any Business Event

Business events, gatherings, and conferences pose the need for higher security measures due to the influx of people in a concentrated area. These events should be about celebration, education, [...]

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How to Protect Sensitive Information

When working in industries like healthcare it’s important to keep everyone in the building safe but don’t forget about all the documents you need to keep classified. This goes for banks, [...]

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Ways to Keep Your Employees Safe

As a business owner or operator it is adamant that you create a safe, secure and comforting environment for your employees. With violence ranking third in the leading causes for fatality at the [...]

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Video Surveillance: How it protects your business

If you are like most business owners, you put in a lot of effort to ensure that everything goes as it should. When you are on the clock—which is probably most of your waking hours—you are also [...]

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The Real Cost of Not Having a Security System

As a business owner, you are naturally hesitant to spend money on things of questionable value for your enterprise. Financial security for your company requires strong budgeting skills, after all. [...]

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Business Security Options for 2018-19

Protecting your business with a robust security system has always been important, but the tools available to provide this protection have improved in many ways with the advance of technology. Some [...]

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