What is Physical Security?

Here at Herring Technology, we define physical security as the security measures that are specifically designed to deny unauthorized access to facilities, equipment and resources, and to protect personnel and property from damage or harm by using a combination of tools such as video surveillance, access control, intrusion alarms and protective barriers. In other words, the physical precautions taken to deter intrusions and protect your business. Let’s further elaborate on the specific measures we specialize in regarding the physical security of your business:

Access Control Systems From simple ID badges to fingerprint recognition, access control systems allow predetermined employees the ability access to various areas of your business. Additionally, these systems can monitor employee activity, can be programmed with various restrictions such as day of the week and time of day, and have the capability to easily remove an employee’s access after he or she leaves the company.

Security Cameras/High-Definition Closed Circuit Television (HDCCTV) Gone are the days of low quality security footage. Today’s technology allows us to record and save high definition footage either via CCTV or online via Internet Protocol (IP) cameras. This is extraordinarily helpful in reviewing footage for investigative purposes as high definition images can provide indisputable evidence if need be.

Perimeter Security The gating, fencing, walls and lighting surrounding a business make up a building’s perimeter security. This is also the first line of defense against unauthorized access. An array of customizable options are available depending on the level of security you wish to achieve.

Cell Phone Integration We live in an era where cellular devices are constantly present. As such, having the ability to regularly monitor and manage the security of your business while away from the office offers convenient peace of mind.

At Herring Technology, we have built our business around ensuring your business is the most secure it can be. If you have any questions regarding the aspects of physical security mentioned above or if you would like to schedule a security assessment at your business, please give us a call.  

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