7 Summer Commercial Security Problems (and Solutions)

Summer has arrived and visions long weekends on the beach, in the Captain’s seat, and on the waves have taken up permanent residence in your active imagination. With all the heat-fueled daydreaming, [...]

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Warehouse Security: How to Boost Your Facility’s Security

If you own a warehouse, security is one of the most important and fundamental elements of your business. Why is warehouse security so important? Well, to begin with, it’s likely that security and [...]

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The History of the Modern Alarm System

1700s: Ben Franklin and the First Security System

You may be surprised to discover that one of the very first surveillance systems was a standard feature of many early Colonial homes! If you’ve spent [...]

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Middle Tennessee benefits from state-of-the-art touchless fingerprint identity solution.

Herring Technology is pleased to announce that the company has partnered with Advanced Optical Systems, Inc. [...]

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Middle Tennessee businesses and institutions benefit from industry-leading shooter detection systems.

NASHVILLE, TN: Herring Technology is pleased to announce that it has become an official dealer [...]

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Airport Safety and Security Solutions

Today, more than ever, airport security solutions and business security systems are of the utmost importance. Since emerging from the 2008 recession, the number of Americans traveling by air has [...]

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Addressing Top Security Threats on College Campuses

Campus life has changed and continues to change. The idealized and hallowed halls of Good Will Hunting no longer represent the realities of modern college life. There’s no such thing as a “typical” [...]

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Commercial Security During the Holiday Season

The holiday season may be behind us but commercial traffic is still at its highest. Customers are hitting the stores and many other businesses for returns, exchanges, and to supplement their gifts [...]

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Securing the Physical Perimeter, Part 2: What You Need to Know About Lighting, Intrusion Detection, and Access Points

In our previous installment of Securing the Physical Perimeter, we discussed natural obstructions, fencing, signage, bollards, and security gates. This week, we’ll tackle a few additional layers to [...]

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Securing the Physical Perimeter, Part 1: What You Need to Know About Gates and Fencing

Although the importance of cybersecurity can’t be overstated, it’s equally as important to consider the physical security of your facility, employees, customers, and key stakeholders. In this [...]

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