How CCTV Systems Protect Businesses

As a business owner, you desire to keep your assets safe from harm. You’ve worked hard to create a solid and profitable business and don’t want anyone taking that away from you. So how do you make [...]

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Herring Technology Presents State-Of-The-Art Security Solutions Training Center

Herring Technology, a leading Nashville security company, recently opened the doors to a newly-constructed training center called “The Treehouse.” Through this fun, interactive learning experience, [...]

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What Is A CCTV System?

With 21 million burglaries occurring every year in the U.S., it’s important for businesses to invest in security. Many companies are choosing to go with a CCTV system to keep their valuable assets [...]

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The Nashville Armory Robbery

Our security systems have thwarted the plans of burglars once again. Recently, two nineteen-year-olds broke into The Nashville Armory in an attempt to steal weapons and ammunition.

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Which Type of Security System Should You Use For Your Business

Protecting your assets should be a top priority for any business owner. With several options for security systems at your place of business, some may be more beneficial to you than others. 

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Reasons to Get a Security System - Now!

When considering purchasing a security system for your business, it’s best to arm yourself with the facts. There are costs involved with installation and monthly fees for your security system that [...]

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