Access Control Systems in Commercial Security

When it comes to commercial-grade surveillance systems, technologically advanced systems are a necessity. Most access control systems are computer-based and provide access to buildings or private [...]

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5 Reasons to Install a Business Security System

If you’ve been in business for any amount of time, you’re probably already aware that companies in every industry are becoming more of a target for crime. With criminal activity such as theft and [...]

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The History of CCTV


Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) involves the use of video cameras to transmit signals to a specific location and a specific set of video monitors. While regular television uses public broadcast [...]

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Are You Making These 4 Business Security Mistakes?

With more than $4 billion dollars in assets lost from burglaries each year, it’s essential to regularly revisit the security measures you are taking as a business. Evaluate your security strategy to [...]

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What To Do When Your Business Security Alarm Goes Off

You have done everything you can to protect your business from intruders. You’ve installed security cameras and a security system, but what happens when your alarm goes off?

Part of owning a security [...]

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Access Control Systems: How Can They Help?

Although there are many types of business security systems on the market today, if you are looking for the most innovative, look no further than access control systems. This type of business [...]

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